Gingham Dream

This dreamy Gingham trio is plucked straight from your Grandmother's picnic blanket, wrapped around band and ScrunchieO trademarked.

This beautiful, oversized cheesecloth ScrunchieO epitomises the quintessential dreamy picnic with good food, wine, friends and loved ones.

We have the trio of colours avaliable:

The 'Lil.B' a Olive Green and white Gingham which is representation of the grass and nature, as well as the reoccurring ode to Olive.

The 'Elli-Ann' a beautiful sky blue and white gingham, reflecting those beautiful clear cool days we associate with outdoor picnics.

The 'RiRi' a powerful blend of the two most popular and classic 'non-colours' on the wheel we know and love.

Enjoy these ScrunchieO's as much as I have enjoyed creating them. They have a standard ScrunchieO band which is great for thicker hair, and a little more fabric this time to make that tiny bit more of a statement.

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